About us


Vebasystems is a leading Server/Workstation Rental company in India, Head quarters in Chennai and branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune & Mumbai. The Speciality of Vebasystems is in providing solutions to the niches. Whether a company needs complete end-to-end enterprise Hardware solution or a specific application, Vebasystems delivers it.

Vebasystems has a solid history of providing quality services and products on time and on budget to its clients. Vebasystems company has been involved in the development and support of some very large mission-critical projects and thus makes its presence in the market. Vebasystems provides substantial cost savings for its clients enabling them to access various software competencies. Vebasystems has a strong cadre of experienced professionals to help execute quality services.


Vebasystems exceed the expectations of our client base for all types of companies. The company’s team of highly skilled talent is experienced at providing

We offer server maintenance, Storage Maintenance, Network Maintenance, Office IT Equipments and other business needs.

  • On & Off site dedicated product development
  • Support centre services
  • Rigorous project management
  • Flexible pricing
  • A - Affordable price and Quality
  • S - Support
  • S - Services
  • U - User friendliness
  • R - Reliability
  • A - Attention
  • N - Necessity
  • C - Creative and Innovative
  • E - Excellence with experts
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