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Veba systems understand that our customers have growing requirements to meet their technology demands. We have our expertise in Cloud Technologies that will help our customers no matter what their technology needs are. 

See how a Veba experience can help you make an informed choice between owning your hardware, renting equipment, and leveraging the Cloud. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Making an informed decision

Cloud is the new frontier of business computing and delivery of software and applications and is rapidly overtaking the traditional in-house system as a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective IT solution.

However, many businesses that have built their own robust data centers and traditional IT infrastructure still rely heavily on this model for security and managerial reasons.

If you make peace with this concept, you can understand everything about the cloud. It is not a magical machine in the sky. It still is hardware, running somewhere on this planet. Of course, it can be considered as renting resources in a most simplified form.

Cloud Services

We help you on your journey to Cloud

Cloud Consulting

We help your business realize if the Cloud journey is the right fit for future IT needs. We help you decide with factual data on how to maximize the ROI of your existing investments and if/when Cloud will be the best fit. 

Hybrid Cloud

Moving to Cloud is not all that simple. There are many factors to be taken into consideration before committing to a full transition. As you make those decisions a Hybrid cloud solution may be the best fit that maximizes your ROI and helps with compliance. 

Cloud Migration

Where there is a need to move your services to Cloud, look no further. Veba’s experts help in handholding you on your transition to Cloud to ensure that your transition experience is seamless and secure. 

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