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Whether you’re completing a time-bound project or trialling hardware before investing, hardware rental is a reliable and cost-effective way to meet a short or long-term IT requirement.

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In an ever more digital economy, the hardware needs of organizations are constantly increasing and diversifying. Making the decision of which and how much hardware you require is a critical step before you commit to the Cap-Ex investment associated with the purchase of new equipment. However, many businesses are taking advantage of IT rental services that give them the flexibility and control to acquire the equipment they need to maximize their data center productivity without compromising their IT budget.

Our hardware rental program is a reliable and cost-effective way to meet a short or long-term IT requirement. Whether your business is undertaking a time-bound project or wants to trial a specific model before investing, our global rental services give your business the freedom to grow with access to the equipment you require. Our flexible and month-by-month contracts give you back the control of your hardware budget even when it’s limited. Additionally, rental hardware often lives several lives, making it one of the most sustainable ways to meet your hardware needs.


Explore our wide range of essential IT Products available for rental

Explore our products available under rental options for all situations. We can rent IT hardware ranging from Servers, Storage, Networks, Workstations, Laptops, Desktops, Apple products, etc. individually or as part of a cohesive solution. 

IT equipment/hardware is available on a rental scheme from single-day rental options to monthly and annual rental models. Our team will assist you to rightsize your solutions based on your business needs helping you to scale your business as needed. 





Laptops and PCs

Apple Products


See some situations
where IT Rentals makes better sense
over outright purchase

We work hard to ensure all our hardware recommendations are scalable to growth, so whether you’re a small business looking to build an infrastructure from the ground up, or just making tweaks to your existing internal systems, we can find the right solution for you.

Disaster Recovery Situation

IT Equipment rentals are perfect in situations of natural disasters or disasters such as virus attacks, critical equipment failure, or other disasters. In such times it may not be possible to get the right equipment to get the business back up and running, hence where rental equipment can fit best to bridge the gap.  

Migration and Relocation

When migrating or relocating your entire IT setup you it makes perfect sense to use rental equipment to keep your business running at one end until you can dismantle, transport, and redeploy crucial business systems on the new environment. This gives much needed flexibility to your team to plan for critical upgrades without overshooting budgets.

Develop, Testing and Rendering

IT equipment rental allows your business to scale when the need arises to develop certain applications and test code in isolation from the production environment. Powerful rental workstations with high-end GPUs are typically used to run graphic rendering programs for temporary projects that require high computing for only a short duration.

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