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Expert advice on the best product fit
for your business solution needs

Our expertise in IT hardware means we can make tailored recommendations suited to your business, whatever your trade or industry. We have supplied extensive hardware consultancy to a wide range of businesses ranging from Government, Large Corporates, etc., and take a personal approach to find the right fit for you.

Our Approach

Learn how we help
with our expert approach
to combat your
solution challenges

We work hard to ensure all our hardware recommendations are scalable to growth, so whether you’re a small business looking to build an infrastructure from the ground up, or just making tweaks to your existing internal systems, we can find the right solution for you.

Assessment and Design

Assess your business needs and design hardware solutions that are fit for purpose. In our solutions we give you the complete BOM needed for procurement and deployment. We also give you plans for your hardware management and with a plan for managing spares.

Procure and Protect

We offer end-to-end IT Hardware Procurement and Lifecycle Management solutions for your IT infrastructure and assets. Our highly organised and controlled supply chain enables you to have access to the best quality equipment when and where you need it most.

Support and Maintain

Our support on warranties ensures the asset provided by us are serviced during break fix issues and that we provide backup solutions for critical hardware within hours of notifying us. Enabling you with our annual maintenance plan ensures we also stock up on spares most needed by you for your business.

Reduced Maintenance costs

Longer Equipment Lifecycles

Greater Uptime

Flexible Coverage

Dedicated Engineers

User-friendly Support

Stocks on Multiband hardware

Pan India Deployment

Multi-Vendor expertise

How we support your
multi-vendor environment to create a clear path to longer-lasting IT strategy

With nearly 80% of organizational infrastrucure running multi-vendor infrastructure, it’s essential that your provider has cross-manufacturer expertise. This is why Veba Systems Third-Party Maintenance is provided by our Technical Support Engineers who are trained across all world-leading brands of server, storage, networking, workstations, desktop, and laptop equipment.

With 24/7  IT support, no matter your configuration of multi-vendor infrastructure, you receive round-the-clock assistance to ensure the continuity of your entire hardware ecosystem. Our specialist teams are constantly expanding their knowledge to keep up with hardware developments and maintain your ever-evolving hardware needs.

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With our coalition of the world’s top infrastructure technology products, we deliver on our promise of transforming your IT infrastructure and enabling IT and teams to move at the speed of your business growth.