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Veba systems can provide your business and its workforce with all the right solutions it needs for your business to succeed. We have all the IT products you need under one roof at the best price point in the market. 

Our IT equipment comes with the right consultation and support you need to ensure your investments are protected and maximized. 


Reliable Servers for your business

Veba Systems is able to provide a server for whatever the reason you’re purchasing or renting for; including cloud servers, servers with hundreds of gigabytes (GB) of RAM, terabytes (TB) of storage in a RAID array, and multi-core Intel Xeon processors. Either rack-mounted or tower configurations, we have what you need. Let us know the specifications you are looking for, and our qualified techs will handle the rest.

If your company needs a server or multiple servers for an upcoming operation, we can supply you with whatever configuration you need within your budget or short-term rental servers you may need for onsite business use to make your next venture a success, with 24/7 support from our team!

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Scalable network solutions

Veba Systems maintains a fleet of Industry Standard Network hardware which is available to purchase or rent for as little as a single day and is suited to all manner of high-end networking applications.

All our network hardware is supplied with factory default settings applied and ready for you to configure to your needs. Also available is the cabling required to interconnect your network hardware with Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat7 cables of various standardized lengths immediately available and custom length cables able to be made to measure. Fiber Optic cabling is also available with a range of LC and SC patch leads and adapters kept in stock at all times.

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Powerful Data Storage Solutions

As the amount of data and information increases, so do the storage and processing requirements. Powerful technical solutions are required that can be individually adapted to the specific requirements of many different companies.

At Veba Systems you will find data storage server solutions in a variety of designs that you can use to meet your needs. We advise you on the different storage server configurations and together, we will find the storage solution that suits you best.

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Workstations for High-End Workloads

Want to run graphics-intensive apps? Want to get the multiple works done simultaneously from your workstation?

Get the workstations with the right balance from our range of Dell, HP, or Lenovo workstations that best suits your requirements and budget.  The affordable workstations we sell are engineered with great graphics technology and are embedded with the latest generation processors and internal components.

Speak to us about our rental options, benefits like installation service, technical support, AMC and instant delivery options.

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Desktops and Laptops

Increase your office productivity

When you’re setting up your office, it’s imperative that you provide each of your employees with a PC and laptop. Although you have the freedom to choose which computers you’ll get, know that the overall productivity of your firm depends on your choice.

At Veba Systems, we always stay up to date on the latest technology so that we can provide our clients with the best options available today. In case you’re interested in computer rental, you should check out our IT Rental options available across India.

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Apple Products

For all your Apple Product needs

Apple products are widely regarded as easy to use, powerful and efficient. They’re also known for being resistant to viruses, and are able to handle many programs running at once without slowing down. That makes renting an Apple product like the MacBook Pro an amazing option for designers, architects and CAD engineers.

Apple products also have a dedicated following and are regarded as high-quality machines. If you’re presenting at an event or interacting with attendees in an exhibition hall, taking their details using an iPad rental gives a great impression of your company.

Finally, it is now easier than ever to integrate Apple software with other companies’ technology – software like Microsoft Word and Excel is compatible with all of our Apple rentals, whether it be an iMac, Macbook,  or an iPad.

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